Cost & Cleaning:
In order to cover some of the cost for water and electric we would be charging $20 a day for your stay.
Your choice; There are sheets and towels for you to use on the property in Tupperware containers in laundry room. With the option that you wash everything you use. Laundry fee for supplies and usage will apply. Or if you would prefer to pay for a maid service which we can provide for a fee of $180. The lady we trust in our home would come in and wash all the towels/sheets etc; do the dishes, clean the house, floors, the bathrooms, and put everything away and cover everything as it was when you came. Otherwise, you could bring your own bedding and towels to use and take back with you. Then all you have to do is just clean up after yourself wiping everything down and swiffering floors when you leave. Leave it how it was or better. There are dishes, microwave, stove, conventional oven, blender, coffee pot, and kettle to use. The garbage would have to be bagged and wheeled out to the curb for Monday pick up. Or dropped off at the dump on your way out.

I recommend you bring beer from IL. A 24 pk. of miller can in TN was $26-30 vs. $15-16 in IL. You can get wine etc. for same cost at grocery stores. Packaging stores only carry liquor. Only the beer seems high in TN. 

I have created an email that uses Google calendars to block off dates of use to book just the house. I can shoot this calendar to you for you to see. Then we can reserve you a spot whenever. After just pay me the fees when you get ready to go. But please allow enough time to cancel for someone else to use property if you are not coming. Text me what months you want to look at and we will go from there. This will be on going for the next 3-4 years until we finally move there permanently. There may be a bathroom under construction at a time. But I will let you know at the time where we are at in house construction. 

Few rules:
Shoes off at doorways. Less dirt less to clean and less damage. Bring a couple rolls of toilet paper and paper towel. If you take from the supply add to or leave or a little tip to add back to. No baby wipes or feminine products flushed down toilet. House temp kept low we can talk about where it should be left when you leave. Also, hot water tank turned off so things to do when you arrive. Leave light timers alone. And some switches have blue tape so they do not get turned off. Do not use garbage disposal. Fireplace is a hazard and cannot be used. Keys work for front and back doors. You will be given code which also works for all pin pads.

It’s all about respect the property, the neighbors and sharing one’s wealth with one another. We want to share the joy we get out of it and for it to get used gently. You break it be honest and fix it. No dogs no pets. Kids- no throwing ball in house at the house, no jumping on couches/beds or bouncing off the walls. No throwing rocks at anything outside. No destroying property or of others. 

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